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  • Teenager Job Profile

Part Time Jobs for Teenager

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Puberty is the time when young teens feel the need to get a job in order to keep up with the demands of their lifestyle. It is also the time when you feel that you have to get along with a crowd and have to buy things just because the other teens are using it or just because it is what's fashionable. If you are one of these people, you can keep up with these demands by looking for a job. There are lots of teenager jobs to choose from and some of which are even available in your neighborhood.

If you are studying and you think that getting a full time job will get in your way, than get a part time teenager work instead. Part time jobs for teenagers can be an added stress especially if their studies are already causing too much stress, however, if you are really determined to get a part time teenager work, than by all means, do so. Just make sure that you will prioritize your studies. Meaning, you still have time to study for exams and do your homework and school projects. You don't want to get failing grades just to get particular work for teenagers.

When looking for part time teenager jobs, you must evaluate your schedule first. You don't want to cause trouble to your employer by giving them an unorganized schedule. Also, in most cases, you will have to adjust to the employer's schedule rather than them adjusting to yours. So if your free time is unorganized or you have classes in between your free periods, then you may find it hard to look for part time jobs for teenager, not unless, of course, if it's fine with your employer or you can find a job that has a flexible schedule.

To avoid the hassles of finding teenager work, you need to organize your own schedule first. You can do this by planning your schedule properly during the enrollment period or you can schedule your classes in the morning so you can devote the entire afternoon to work. Not everyone has control over their schedules, so below are some of the part time work for teenagers with fixed schedules and flexible schedules.

Teen Jobs with Fixed Schedules

There are a lot of jobs that fall under this category. To mention a few, they are cashiers, receptionists, restaurant host or hostesses, hotel desk clerks, retail salespersons, counter attendants, fast food workers, gas station attendants, library assistants, and technical support agents.

Flexible Schedule Teenager Jobs

Having a flexible career helps you maintain a balance between your personal life, studies, and your career. With these types of jobs, you can have the ability to create your own working hours, making them perfect for students who need supplemental income but have to show commitment to their studies as well.

Some of the most common teen jobs with flexible schedules are home-based Internet jobs such as call center jobs, data entry, medical/general transcription jobs, and freelance services, just to mention a few. If you don't have Internet access, you can still make use of your skills. If you are good in fixing computers or laptops, then you can earn from it by accepting home computer or laptop repair services or if you are good in drawing, dancing, singing, martial arts, and swimming, you can also make use of these talents to earn money. Another part time work for teenagers that has a flexible schedule is babysitting, private tutoring, indoor house painting, yard or lawn care, baking, dog walking or pet care, or cleaning, selling, and washing cars.

Jobs for teenager usually don't require work experience and employers are not strict about your educational background. However, it is a plus if you apply in a job that is related to your educational background. For instance, if you are enrolled in a finance related course, you can apply as a cashier. Or if not, choose a job that you think is right for you.


It is not hard to find these jobs if you know where to look for them. One popular website that has thousands of listings of work for teenagers is Start your career search at with their FREE trial. Searching for a job has never been this easy!

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