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Teen Jobs >> Teen Articles >> Teenager Career Feature >> Part-time Teenager Jobs - 7 Tips on How to Gain Part-time Teenager Jobs
  • Teenager Career Feature

Part-time Teenager Jobs - 7 Tips on How to Gain Part-time Teenager Jobs

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In every part of the country, there is a lot of part time teenager job availability regardless of gender or even if you are a teenager. Despite the recent economic turmoil we are experiencing, many established businesses are hiring some qualified teenager individuals who could be a part of their team in order to serve their consumers with quality service.

Gaining part time teenager jobs, whether applying during summer vacation or after school for an extra added income for paying your tuition and book cost, the following are some tips on how to obtain a part time teenager job:

Tip 1 - Reading ads and materials - There are a lot of options in finding a right part time teenager jobs. The newspapers, magazines, TV and poster ads, and especially the Internet which is the easiest way in finding a perfect part time job suited for all teenagers.

Tip 2 - Visiting a customer service area - Establishment, especially malls have their own customer service care which allows different mall shoppers or job seekers to ask questions regarding job availability to any prominent stores inside the mall. This is very helpful to teenagers because most of these customer service centers are taking down lists of those stores which are in great need of skilled and qualified employees to be a part of their group in order to serve their customers efficiently and with quality.

Tip 3 - Local government: the local government has its own listings of job availability all across their scope of expertise and they are also ready to accept application letters if the job is much in need for hiring qualified individuals for a certain field of career. By just visiting your local government and with an application letter and a resume in hand, there is no doubt about gaining a part time teenager employment instantly.

Tip 4 - Required ages and allotted time for work - There are also some rules and regulations that are given by the government those teenagers are allowed to work for three hours in a day or eighteen hours in a week if they are aging from 14 to 15 years of age. When during summer vacations or semester breaks, teenagers are allowed to have a part time job up to eight hours every day and that will be 40 hours in a week. There is also a curfew for teenagers; their time is limited only up to 7 in the evening.

Tip 5 – Documents – In most of the states within the United States territory the local government is requiring some working documents or certifications for those who are eighteen years old and below. If you are a student, your school administration could supply you some authorization papers in order for you to work part time jobs.

Tip 6 – Being interested in applying for a part time teenager career needs you to have a great interest in the job you are willing to work for. Considering programs after school like tutoring kids or during summer vacations where most part time jobs are in demand like working in the beach as a part time lifeguard, some recreational areas like the malls, fast food chains as a server and many more. Enjoying what you do makes you work even harder and can broaden your abilities to do more work and expand your capabilities for future use. This part time teenager job will not only give you an extra income but also it will serve as you preparatory phase to ensure your future as a working individual.

Tip 7 – Asking some suggestions – going to you guidance counselor for help in finding a proper and right part time job for a teenager like you will be a great edge. Guidance counselors will help you determine your strengths and what field you are excelling in. They will guide you to choose a perfect part time job suited for your very own capabilities.

You can find more part time teenager jobs by visiting and sign up for a risk free trial today to find jobs that are just right for you!

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