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Teen Jobs >> Teen Articles >> Teenager Job Profile >> Teenager Jobs – A List for Jobs for Teenagers
  • Teenager Job Profile

Teenager Jobs – A List for Jobs for Teenagers

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There are a lot of companies that prefer to hire teenagers for fill their low level job vacancies, especially those involving manual labor where only short training and little to no educational requirements are necessary. Most teenager jobs can be found in establishments like gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, offices, cinemas, parks, and sales outlets, just to mention a few.

Before establishments can hire teenagers they must follow the guidelines that are set by the State, federal and local laws. Just a side note to employers it is important that you should ask the applicants for concrete proof of their chronological age so you are not dealing with child labor laws.

If you are looking to find teenager work, it is important to evaluate the job first. It should be in a safe working environment and be able to provide you with both personal and professional growth. Below are some of the best jobs for teenagers that are worth applying for.

If you love babies, infants, or toddlers, then a babysitting job is right for you. Babysitting is very popular work for teenagers. This type of job is easy to find. You can find them in your own neighborhood or relatives across town would be a good source. Be sure that you have a lot of patience before taking this job because children are not easy to look after. Most parents prefer babysitters who have experience in babysitting. The easiest way to gain experience is to watch over your own siblings.

Another popular work for teenagers is the grocery clerk job. Grocery clerks are responsible for assisting customers, stocking the groceries and operating the cash register. If you would like to become a grocery clerk, you must have excellent customer service skills. You should not be a hot-tempered person since it is expected that some customers are not very friendly, and you should do your best to be their friend and make their experience with you as best as you can.

If cooking is your passion and you know how to come up with delicious recipes, you can try applying as a cook in a restaurant. But you should take note that most employers prefer applicants with educational background in culinary arts or pastry and baking. Most teenagers do not usually start working in high end restaurants, they usually start in café’s or in fast food and work their way up once they get the proper schooling.

Becoming a restaurant crew is another popular teenager work. Examples of this job are washers, waiters or waitresses, attendants, and cashiers. This type of job may sound simple since all you have to do is to face the customers, ask for their order and serve what they have ordered. But it can be stressful especially if the restaurant is constantly full, and people can get irritated easily if you don’t get their orders right or if your service is slow. You can find these teenager jobs in popular establishments such as KFC, Mc Donald's and Burger King, just to mention a few. Most establishments don't require their applicants to have related work experience and little to no educational attainment is necessary.

If you are good in academics, you can try working as a private tutor. You can find these teenage jobs in your neighborhood or around school. Parents of children who need academic assistance usually prefer to hire teenagers who are excellent in academics rather than hiring professional teachers or tutors since they are more expensive. Usual subjects that need tutoring include Math, English, and Physics.

If you are not good in academics but are talented in extracurricular activities such as arts and sports as well.

For a list of occupation for teenagers, visit They have thousands of jobs that are up for grab. Sign up now for a FREE trial and check the opportunities that are waiting for you!

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